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How much does a tattoo cost?

Well that's not an easy question to answer...

There are quite a few variables when it comes to pricing a tattoo lets break it down.


The artist you go for is one of the main things that can determine the price of a tattoo. Usually the more experience the artist has the higher the price but with tattoos in general you get what you pay for... so looking for the cheapest option out there is not always a good idea. Cover ups and laser sessions would usually end up costing more then it would've cost you to go for a better / more experienced artist. We'd recommend you do your research before you go in for a new tattoo, check the artist's portfolio, ask for recommendations, for example in our tattoo studio we would check on your ideas, the style you're going for and we'll help you pick the artists that suits you best.


Most tattoo studios including us will be more than happy to work around your budget, and come up with a design that suits what you can afford to spend. It's always a good idea to approach the studio or artist you are going for with your ideas as well as your budget so the artist or studio will be able to work around it and come up with something that works within your price range.


The style of tattoo you're going for can greatly impact the final price.

For example a palm size tattoo in traditional style would usually take half the time a realistic one of the same size would, therefore the price will most likely be double.

Tattoo artists or studios need to consider quite a few things before they're able to price your tattoo, so try to give a detailed explanation of what it is you're looking for so they're able to give you a somewhat accurate estimate.


The placement combined with the style can also determine the cost of your tattoo.

Some places are a lot more complicated to work on compared to the rest of the body, therefore exactly the same tattoo placed on the ribs for example will cost a bit more than if its on the arm.


A tattoo can cost whatever you're prepared to spend on it, depending on what you're looking to get done and who you're going to get it done with.

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