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Welcome To Romford Tattoo And Piercing Studio Monstera Ink

First things first - Introduction.

Who are we?

We are a small tattoo family situated right in the heart for Romford - Essex.

Monstera Ink was open with a single goal in mind, to provide an enjoyable environment for both artists and clients. As artists and tattoo / piercing clients ourselves we understand what the important thing are when it comes to both work environment and customer service.

And we'd like to think we achieved our goal! Every single client that has walked through our door, has become a regular returning customer and every artist who works here gets to enjoy a nice relaxed environment and is able to focus on what they do best - tattooing.

As a collective we have tons of experience in the tattoo / piercing industry, working in tattoo and piercing shops all across London, so we truly understand what it means to have a home like work environment where you can just relax and focus on putting out the best work possible!

As tattoo clients ourselves we also understand what good customer service means, and we strive to provide it every single time!

In short : - We are Monstera Ink Team and we're proud to say we've been voted, by every one of our clients, to be one of the best tattoo and piercing studios in Romford / Essex !

Why Romford / Essex?

As mentioned above our team has worked in shops all across London, we've been in Camden we've been in Shoreditch, and many more busy locations like these, that's what helped us realise we need a bit of piece and quiet so we can focus on what we do best, custom tattoo design work! We still enjoy doing walk ins just as well, but for bigger more intricate projects, that take hours upon hours of work, we do prefer to work by appointments so we don't need to rush and can focus on giving you the best possible artwork we can produce!

Romford is a wonderful location with beautiful surroundings all around and most of all the wonderful people who reside here, and we're happy to call our clients! There is a real community feel to Romford, and everyone so far has been really helpful and supportive with that we're trying to do!

Since our opening just last year, we have quickly built up the reputation of one of the best studios in the area, and we couldn't be any happier about it!


We're here and we're here to stay, so far its been an amazing experience, we love Romford, we love our clients, we love tattoos, we love piercings and we've got in all here!

Come say hi, even if its just for a chat, come have a coffee on us, share your ideas and watch us work our magic!

Looking forward to seeing you all in our humble little shop!

Best of wishes - Monstera Ink Team

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