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How to prepare for a tattoo session?

Lets look into that.


Getting a good night's sleep is on of the most important things to do before your tattoo appointment. Especially going for bigger tattoo sessions you'll need all your energy... Going into your appointment tired without getting enough sleep will make the tattoo process a lot harder to handle.


As we said you'll need all the energy you can gather, having a proper meal before your appointment and some snacks during the breaks makes the whole thing so much easier to handle. Make sure you bring some sweets and sugary drinks along. All those small thing can be the difference between tapping out and completing the tattoo you came in for. Don`t overlook them.

No drugs or alcohol.

Most tattoo studios won't take on anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol, its mainly for your own safety but it also makes the tattoo process a lot harder for the artist. Alcohol for example thins out the blood and it may cause excessive bleeding during the process which affects how some pigments are deposited into the skin and also the healing process, not only if you have had a drink before the session but also 24h before!


Moisturising your skin a regularly for around a week before your appointment really helps out the tattoo process. Dry skin is harder to tattoo and the final result is always better when your skin is moisturized regularly, do not over moisturize it either, it makes your skin more fragile and easier to break in the tattoo process.

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